What an Olympic champion can teach us about learning in ‘safety’

Here’s a quote from US Olympic swimming star Katie Ledecky’s coach, Bruce Gemmell – “We’ll try a drill that she’s horrible at – something where she’ll start off in the poorer…Read More

You never stop learning, even when you’re trying not to!

I’m just back from Christmas in New Zealand and the plan was to have some quality down time with family. However, as someone with a passion for sport, New Zealand…Read More

A ‘Must Read’ Book for Parents of Sporty Kids

Well I think it’s a ‘must read’ but then I did write it! I’m a parent of 3 sporty kids and over the last 20 years I’ve been studying what…Read More

It’s all about the plan……..

Here’s a great 2 minute video we created at the Scottish Institute of Sport to help young athletes focus their efforts on the areas that make the biggest difference to future…Read More

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