You never stop learning, even when you’re trying not to!

I’m just back from Christmas in New Zealand and the plan was to have some quality down time with family. However, as someone with a passion for sport, New Zealand probably isn’t the best place to go to switch off!

What always strikes me when I’m there is how successful the All Blacks have been over the long haul – an almost 80% win rate over 115 years of International rugby! Why is this? Rugby is culturally important to New Zealand for a start, but I think the key is that it’s their development system that is the asset, not the shelf life of any ‘superstar’ individual. Great players and coaches come and go but they are a product of a system rather than being despite it.

What I took time to learn more about on ‘holiday’ was this system didn’t happen by accident. It was specifically created to keep ahead of the competition. Which made me think about the development systems in any organisation. Are they business assets and have they been designed for long-term success?

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