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A ‘Must Read’ Book for Parents of Sporty Kids

Well I think it’s a ‘must read’ but then I did write it! I’m a parent of 3 sporty kids and over the last 20 years I’ve been studying what it takes for young people to reach their potential in sport. What I know is that arguably the most important ingredient to success is effective parents (I touched on this in my recent article: Why parents are the secret weapon in sporting success).

How can this book for parents of sporty kids help you

But who is helping parents understand how they can help? I know from experience that they face some challenging situations and knowing what to say and when to say it isn’t easy. I work closely with a number of sports to help their parents understand their role in the development process and in this book I will share what I have learned to help …

  1. Understand the things parents already do well so they keep doing them
  2. Give parents some ideas and practical examples to help with the challenges they face

The book takes about 2 hours to read (about as long as you have to wait for them at training!!) and is full of practical examples to help as your kids experience the ups and downs of sport. The feedback from parents who read early versions of the book has convinced me it can really help. So if you are interested please visit and download our book for £5.99.

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