Stanger Pro Insights October 2020

Can you still be successful if the process is the goal?

If you’re familiar with goal setting, then you’ll know the recommended wisdom is to focus on the PROCESS of how you achieve your goal rather than the OUTCOME you want to achieve.  I agree.

But here’s something to think about.  What if you DECIDE, whatever you’re working towards, to have no end point?  What if in your world, being immersed in the process is the outcome you want to achieve.  Can this approach still drive performance?

This works for me.  As long as I’m finding ways to learn new things, build relationships and test my skills I feel like I’m moving forward and I avoid the what now? feeling that can happen after achieving something or realising the next step is to do the same again (with an increased target!!!).

But would this approach work if you were trying to win an Olympic medal, hit a monthly sales target or gain a promotion?  If we CHOOSE to let others judgement of us influence how we feel and what we do based on whether we achieve an outcome or not, then I don’t think this approach will work.

But if we CHOOSE to live our lives focused on key elements of the process and let how others interpret the outcome wash over us, then I think this can be a great way to keep you motivated and moving forward over the long haul.  Even if ‘your’ goals are imposed on you, you still get to CHOOSE how you THINK and FEEL about how you approach them.

When people ask what we’re trying to achieve as a business I list three things in a very specific order;

  1. It provides an opportunity to learn and grow as people
  2. The work is both challenging and stimulating
  3. We earn enough money to keep doing what we’re passionate about

Probably not a typical business but it works for us!

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