Tiger Woods and the story of everything and the main thing

Golf fans among you will know that the Masters starts this weekend. I’m sure you will also know that after a period plagued with injuries and back operations that Tiger Woods is ‘back’ and has been listed as one of the favourites.

Many ‘experts’ doubted this was possible. These same ‘experts’ believed the level of dominance he achieved in the early part of his career also wasn’t possible. So, is the main thing we can learn from Tiger Woods the importance of self-belief?

I don’t think it is. I think it’s the understanding of HOW to be that good. What he did in terms of preparation and practise allowed him to dominate golf like no one before or since. And people learned HOW from him – great athletes with detailed development programmes are now commonplace in golf (and I’m sure we’ll also now see more golfers coming back from career threatening injuries).

Which brings me to you. I’m in contact with many people who read books and blogs and listen to podcast and are always on the lookout for more information on ‘how to be better’. But too many of them seem to lack focus. They’re into everything rather than the main thing. Tiger Woods knows HOW to invest his time in the areas that have the biggest impact on his performance. Do you?

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