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A (hopefully!) useful question to help you be better at feedback…

Is helping someone to improve their ability to give feedback the same as helping them help the person they’re coaching to be better at receiving feedback?

To put this another way – if you know that someone has a great process of reflecting and reasoning with any feedback, is confident to push back in areas of debate or where the feedback might lack clarity and they have shown they can flush the feedback through an effective learning process, then would this help you to be more effective at providing feedback do you think? (people often tell me that giving feedback is hard – if that’s what you think then it probably will be!)

I think it would and is why I feel helping develop someone’s ability to effectively receive feedback is a key part of helping you be better at giving feedback. It’s just that mostly we aren’t conditioned to approach feedback in this way.

If you feel the same then think about what being good at receiving feedback means to you and commit to helping the people you work with to embrace their role in the process.  Then you can be confident to fire in any feedback without worrying how it might be perceived. Now wouldn’t that be nice!

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