How can you create a coaching habit ACROSS your organisation?

To get you thinking about how you could do this I want to share some work we did with Andrea Black and Monica Smith at Hymans Robertson. Hymans are a very successful consultancy business with over 850 staff across the UK who are serious about the growth of their people and already use coaching to good effect.

But they’re also motivated to keep improving and we thought you might find it useful to share what we learned working together to further develop their coaching habit…

  1. Behavioural change takes time and is built on solid FOUNDATIONS – in Hymans, several qualified coaches support the growth and development of all people and leaders are encouraged to learn coaching skills so providing options around how to extend their use of coaching to drive performance was an easy ‘sell’
  2. Coaching works best if it has a SPECIFIC focus – 40 leaders in Hymans Actuarial business who lead teams providing expertise to a range of clients took part in a leadership development programme. The VERY SPECIFIC purpose of this was to develop a coaching culture which helps deliver great work for clients and heighten awareness of leaders as role models
  3. Working together ensures you deliver content that is RELEVANT to their role – working with Andrea to create and deliver sessions and follow up on progress allowed leaders to learn more about how to have effective performance coaching conversations and to develop key skills through practice that are relevant to their individual roles
  4. When measuring impact, make sure you ask how people FEEL – over to Andrea… “feedback was collated after 6-9 months. Colleagues said that leaders were delegating more, being more visible and approachable and giving more regular feedback. They said that because of these changes in leadership style that they feel more confident, work is being delivered more efficiently, they have been able to step up/contribute more and feel even more valued/appreciated”

If you’re keen to find out more, contact Andrea Black at Hymans on [email protected] or Tony Stanger at [email protected] who will be very happy to share more about what we learned.

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