What can we learn from the Rugby World Cup about accountability?

I’ve noticed that ‘people’ are quick to get stuck in when their teams not playing well at the Rugby World Cup, so I thought I’d get you thinking about the role of accountability in coaching.

With any team, you need to work with the skill sets you have to create an approach that gives you the best chance of success. The wider the skills set you have, the more effective you can be against different opposition. In club sport you can buy what you need (if you have the cash!!) but in International sport you have to work with what you’ve got. This is the role of the current coaching team and they need to be held accountable on how well they do this.

But you also need to consider the ability of the individual to deliver these skills under pressure. Who’s accountable for this? If the players don’t have the skills, or have shown in the past that they’re inconsistent, then I think it’s on the coaching team. But what if they have previously shown they have the skills but don’t execute them when it REALLY matters?

Two things to think about here – the role of the individual in the learning process AND the effectiveness of PREVIOUS coaching. Learning how to be effective under pressure is not easy and takes time. This points to the importance of a consistent coaching approach OVER TIME to keep individuals focused (and hold them accountable) on their role in the learning process.

What does this mean for you? To drive improved performance in any organisation, make sure the right people are accountable at the right time (if someone hasn’t got the skills to step up, don’t forget to look at the quality of coaching they received!!) and commit to a joined-up approach to develop the skills people need to be successful when it matters most.

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