Relationship building and is it time for a bit of self-coaching?

I’m not long back from a relaxing holiday where I took the chance to read about less specific topics than coaching to see what ideas came up.

In terms of what I found useful one thing came out top of my list that I thought I would share.

I think about relationship building A LOT – not only as it’s a key part of effective coaching interactions, but also because it’s important to me across my life. So what I found useful was the idea that we have relationships with many things as well as other people….

  • Technology (our phones!)
  • TV
  • Food
  • Exercise – I have played golf with people who don’t seem to be enjoying that relationship!
  • Yourself

These are some examples but for each individual there could be (many) others.

Why did I find this idea useful?

Recognising other things as relationships allowed me to think about the things I do (and the changes I might like to make) armed with some questions that will hopefully lead to more effective outcomes. For example – which of my needs are being met in this relationship, does this relationship make me feel how I want to feel and what would I need to do to build a better relationship in this area that allows me to live the life I want to live?

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