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It’s not easy being a parent of sporty kids. On an almost daily basis kids go through ups and downs in training and competition and as a parent, it can be challenging to know how to help – “I wasn’t selected again mum and I’m not sure I want to play anymore”.

In Red dot parenting, Tony Stanger shows parents what they can do to help when these moments happen. Parents are NOT the coach. But they do have a crucial role in supporting the learning of their kids. The author draws on years of experience as an elite athlete, talent systems expert and father of 3 sporty kids. He is passionate about helping parents to better understand their role in supporting their children to reach their sporting potential.

This is a book for parents of kids at any level who love sport and want to get as much out of it as they can. Parents will learn the danger of young people having too much early success and being ‘labelled’ a superstar junior. The book explains why kids who are not so good when they are young are often the ones who have the best chance of long-term success.

Based on robust science yet easy to read, this book is full of tips and ideas parents can put into practice straight away to build on the things they already do well. The evidence tells us parents are crucial in children achieving their goals in sport, this book explains what they can do to help.

Red Dot Parenting is available for purchase as an eBook via Amazon.  Paperback versions are available for purchase from a range of on-line retailers or all good book stores.

7 reviews for Red Dot Parenting

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon UK Customer (verified owner)

    Delighted this book is now available in paperback. For me I found this to be an incredible and useful parenting book, I have read a number of parenting books and feel it leaves the likes of Gina Ford and her advice standing! I know I will refer back to Red Dot Parenting many times as I continue to support my daughter in her chosen sport and as she navigates her teenage years.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon UK Customer (verified owner)

    I really love this book. It is concise and easy to follow yet packed with good practical advice on how to help our children achieve their full potential in a balanced, supportive and constructive way. While the focus of the advice and the illustrations given are based on sport, there is no doubt that the skills and behaviours described are transferrable to all aspects of parenting. I particularly like the sections on guided questioning, and the power of ‘yet’. I would strongly recommend this to all parents – not just those with sporty kids.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon UK Customer (verified owner)

    This is a highly readable book containing clear and practical advice. Tony includes lots of examples and writes in a conversational tone which makes the content both easy to absorb and to retain. He has taken a lot of research based evidence from Carol Dweck and others and put it into a format that is highly accessible. Although written primarily for parents of ‘sporty kids’, the content is relevant to anyone interested in helping others (or themselves) to maximise achievements and realise full potential. Highly recommended.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon UK Customer

    Excellent book that succinctly explains the background and practically how a parent can support and help a child reach their sporting potential. There is an easy read across to all aspects of helping children develop their approach to homework, education, music and drama.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon UK Customer

    This was a great read – took less than 2 hours although I will refer to it frequently. Evidence based and very well written and full of easy to digest ideas and guidance for parents. I can think of so many people who need to read this. Many of the principles will also transfer to business.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon UK Customer

    A very practical and engaging way of guiding parents to support their kids in a highly effective way. Tony seems to make the science and research behind the concepts in the book understandable and accessible, allowing for quick use with temperamental kids.
    This is a concise and engaging read. Buy it!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon UK Customer

    A great read and reminder from Tony about the importance of the language we use in helping our Children reach their true potential. Tony is an expert in this area and has brought together the learnings he has taken from many experts in this field and written it in a simple yet effective way that should help any parent support their child as they progress through their teenage years. As a full time coach as well as being parent of two teenage children it was a great reminder of some of the fundamentals in helping your child grow. I would recommend this book to both parents, teachers and coaches as it has something in for everyone.

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  • And what we do works....

    "Tony has provided a pivotal role in us developing our Coaching capability. Stanger Pro's bespoke approach has cemented coaching as a key attribute for Martin Currie's Leaders & Senior management".
    Martin Currie Investment Management Limited
  • And what we do works....

    Tony led a training programme with six Regional Academy Managers to develop their talent philosophy. This two-day programme was extremely informative, challenging and critically led to practical interventions to enhance their talent systems
    Rugby Football Union
  • And what we do works....

    "Thanks for your contribution throughout the camp over the past few days, feedback has been extremely positive from coaches & swimmers" - Ally Whike Performance Director
    Scottish Swimming – Youth Development Camp
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    "Thanks Stanger Pro, really interesting and insightful, pitched just perfectly! Athletes & parents found the sessions incredibly useful and it's great to see parents so receptive and interactive too - A huge success!"
    Active East Lothian
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    "Tony thank you for taking the time to present to us, it really was an inspirational and actionable presentation. Feedback from attendees has been incredibly positive, we all took a great deal from it indeed - lots of good food for thought!".
    Borders Tennis Academy
  • And what we do works....

    "Tony thanks for the motivational presentation we have received a lot of really positive feedback!"
    Santander – Red Box Business Festival – Glasgow
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    Coaches, Athletes and Parents found the workshop very thought provoking and it really opened their eyes to the importance of better understanding talent. It’s set the foundations for us to move our Club forward and implement crucial changes which will support our athletes.
    Biggar RFC
  • And what we do works....

    Without a doubt this session addressed the challenges we face as a team. Our whole team agreed there were distinct advantages to using positive and world class behaviours and this would make work more meaningful and decrease the trauma and stress of what we do every day.
    NHS Lothian
  • And what we do works....

    Tony delivered a cross-selling workshop for our Management Team at our company strategy day, as well as delivering a motivational presentation on ways we can enhance the skills of our people to ultimately help us grow the business - both great sessions.
    Campbell & Kennedy
  • And what we do works....

    "Tony thank you for the mentoring support over the past six months, I can honestly say that the tasks set and the principles behind them are all tying together in my mind, I feel much more confident discussing the minefield of talent" - Trevor Christian
    Isle of Man Sports Institute
  • And what we do works....

    "Thanks for an excellent presentation it has helped us to see ‘mindset’ as the way forward, which we will now further develop in our individual thinking and in school developments."
    Newton Primary & Nursery
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    “Working with Stanger Pro has been hugely beneficial in the development of our talent system from grassroots to international level all underpinned by an evidence based principles. In a short period of time we've been able to make significant progress putting in place a foundation for further development. “ Kevin Pringle, Chief Executive
    Basketball Scotland
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    "A really interesting, engaging, thought provoking session which encouraged us to think about how we support the range of communities & individuals we work with to use good questions to help develop understanding to ultimately unlock everyone’s potential to succeed".
    Edinburgh Leisure
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    "The talk was great! I particularly valued Tony's ability to talk from the perspective of a parent as well as an 'expert'. His concrete examples of the kind of conversations that encourage learning from experience, be it in training or comps were very insightful!"
    Swim Parent
  • And what we do works....

    Stanger Pro thanks for delivering a very engaging motivational and practical session to our senior managers - all the feedback on the day and since has been very positive about your sessions, they were pitched at the right level.
    Natural Power
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    "Tony thanks for the very thought provoking “how to” motivational session our Communications, Marketing and Corporate Affairs teams found the session really worthwhile".
    Skills Development Scotland
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    Stanger Pro's session was extremely well prepared and very much tapped into our key messages and both challenged and stimulated some new thinking and self-exploration - Mike Whittingham, Director of High Performance & SIS
    Scottish Institute of Sport
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    "Tony Stangers mental resilience motivational talk was excellent. I feel it would be beneficial for the players to receive this talk to aid their responsibility".
    Ulster Badminton
  • And what we do works....

    Tony's Understanding Talent presentation was a huge success at our conference. His talk focused on why he believes talent isn't something people are necessarily born with, but can be developed throughout a young person's life by the right coaching techniques.
    Snowsport UK – Snowsport England