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What an Olympic champion can teach us about learning in ‘safety’

Here’s a quote from US Olympic swimming star Katie Ledecky’s coach, Bruce Gemmell – “We’ll try a drill that she’s horrible at – something where she’ll start off in the poorer…Read More

I want my team to take more responsibility for how to improve, but what if they can’t work it out on their own?

If you just tell them how to do it, you risk them coming back to ask for help whenever they’re struggling – very time consuming for you and not a…Read More

Do talent programmes do more harm than good?

It’s a compelling idea. For organisations to have continued success they need to identify people with the greatest potential and provide a programme of support to develop their skills. Sectors…Read More

What’s the no. 1 thing business can learn from sport?

I wouldn’t hold sport up as a model of excellence to help businesses improve their performance through coaching. Much of what happens in sports coaching at participation level is telling…Read More

  • And what we do works....

    Without a doubt this session addressed the challenges we face as a team. Our whole team agreed there were distinct advantages to using positive and world class behaviours and this would make work more meaningful and decrease the trauma and stress of what we do every day.
    NHS Lothian
  • And what we do works....

    Tony delivered a cross-selling workshop for our Management Team at our company strategy day, as well as delivering a motivational presentation on ways we can enhance the skills of our people to ultimately help us grow the business - both great sessions.
    Campbell & Kennedy
  • And what we do works....

    "Thanks for an excellent presentation it has helped us to see ‘mindset’ as the way forward, which we will now further develop in our individual thinking and in school developments."
    Newton Primary & Nursery
  • And what we do works....

    "Tony thanks for the very thought provoking “how to” motivational session our Communications, Marketing and Corporate Affairs teams found the session really worthwhile".
    Skills Development Scotland
  • And what we do works....

    "A really interesting, engaging, thought provoking session which encouraged us to think about how we support the range of communities & individuals we work with to use good questions to help develop understanding to ultimately unlock everyone’s potential to succeed".
    Edinburgh Leisure
  • And what we do works....

    "Tony has provided a pivotal role in us developing our Coaching capability. Stanger Pro's bespoke approach has cemented coaching as a key attribute for Martin Currie's Leaders & Senior management".
    Martin Currie Investment Management Limited
  • And what we do works....

    Stanger Pro thanks for delivering a very engaging motivational and practical session to our senior managers - all the feedback on the day and since has been very positive about your sessions, they were pitched at the right level.
    Natural Power

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