Coaching for Business

We will help your people become outstanding coaches. Not only that. We will help them develop the skills they need to make effective coaching an everyday habit.

The ability of managers and leaders to help others to raise their level of performance is crucial to any business. But often time is against you and performance issues need to be sorted out in the here and now. Waiting until a monthly catch-up or annual appraisal won’t work.

We know from the evidence that coaching is most effective with a ‘little and often’ approach. We also know from working with a number of organisations that these ‘everyday’ coaching skills are not exactly in abundance! And they are crucial as they allow key staff to…

  • Create more time in their day by working more effectively with others
  • Create a learning environment where people feel valued, trusted and supported
  • Help teams develop the ‘future-proof’ skills they need in a fast-moving world
  • Hit their ‘targets’ AND develop their skills at the same time!
  • Ensure investment in ANY development opportunity is applied in practice

What does what we do look like in practice? We create way of delivering our sessions that are designed to suit you but two of our most popular approaches are:

A one-off workshop…

  • You host a half-day on site workshop (this can also be delivered as part of a team ‘away day’)
  • You have an opportunity to include 8 – 12 of your staff
  • Evidence based and measurable approach – we share the evidence behind what it takes to become an outstanding coach
  • Your people create a development process they can use every day, including how to become skilled at ‘2-minute coaching’
  • Sustainability – creating internal networks to support ongoing learning
  • How to create a ‘safe’ place to practise and receive feedback

Monthly support…

  • We work with groups of 3-5 staff from across your business
  • Following an initial consultation, we run monthly 1-to-1 session over 6 – 8 months
  • Our on-going support helps each individual to fine-tune the process they use to develop their everyday coaching skills
  • Take time to reflect on progress and address tough coaching challenges as they happen
  • Regular practise and feedback of 2-minute coaching
  • Create a specific range of way to measure coaching effectiveness
  • Evaluate and review the effectiveness of internal support networks

Call Tony on 07834 312051 or contact us here to discuss how we can help develop the everyday coaching skills of your people.



And what we do works…

"Tony thanks for the very thought provoking “how to” motivational session our Communications, Marketing and Corporate Affairs teams found the session really worthwhile".

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