Coaching Workshops

We know from experience that to be an effective coach you need to understand what people are capable of and develop a range of situation specific coaching skills you can use every day.

Little and often is the key in a busy workplace and our workshops are designed to show you how to make coaching part of what you do every day to add value to businesses by helping key staff…

  • Create more time in their day by working more effectively with others
  • Create a learning environment where people feel valued, trusted and supported
  • Develop the coaching skills they need to ‘grow your own’ top performers

What would this mean in practise?

  • You host a half-day on site workshop (this can also be delivered as part of a team ‘away day’)
  • You have an opportunity to include up to 8 of your staff
  • Evidence based and measurable approach – we share the evidence behind what it takes to become an outstanding coach
  • Your people create a development process they can use every day – how to become skilled at ‘2-minute coaching’
  • Sustainability – creating internal networks to support ongoing learning
  • How to create a ‘safe’ place to practise and receive feedback

“Everyone I have spoken to really enjoyed the coaching session.  We always send out feedback surveys after sessions like this, and I got 9 responses to this one, so I have attached the results for your reference.  As you can see the sessions were very well received”.

Andrew Penker. Director of People. ICAS

And what we do works…

"Tony thanks for the very thought provoking “how to” motivational session our Communications, Marketing and Corporate Affairs teams found the session really worthwhile".

Skills Development Scotland