50 and counting… but what would be number 1?

I’ve just worked out that this is the 50th article I’ve posted.  That’s 50 individual (but linked) thoughts and ideas around coaching which hopefully people have found useful in some way (please click on this link to our website Stanger Pro – Insights for the other 49 if you missed them!).  Which got me thinking.  If I could only pick one idea to share that I feel has the potential to have the biggest impact on effectively supporting others to reach for their potential, what would it be?

Easy.  It would be something I’m aware of EVERY SINGLE TIME I have an interaction with someone and that is that people remember how you make them feel.

Much more than the detail of what you say, people remember the emotional impact of your conversation, particularly very strong like to feel or don’t like to feel emotions.  Now this doesn’t mean everything has to become sugar coated and you duck being honest where you need to.  But it does mean you need to become skilled at using conversations to impact emotions in a way that will have a positive impact on the subsequent performance of the person in front of you.

But this is just me.  So I wonder what you would say if someone asked you what’s the number 1 thing you do that is most useful in your role of helping people reach for their potential?  If you’re reading this then you’re someone who takes their development seriously and your thoughts on this would be really helpful for me so please email/tweet/message me back to let me know what you think (see what I did there ?).

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