Underperforming staff? Why the coach (…and not coaching) could be holding them back!

How much do you agree with the following statement – managers get the performance they expect?

The question I’m really asking is, do you think (either consciously or subconsciously) you might have already decided what someone is capable of?  And more importantly, do you think they are aware of this, even if you’re trying to hide it?

If what is needed to perform well is clear, and someone makes a CHOICE not to invest their energy in that process, then there’s not much you can do.  But if someone might be in danger of limiting their own potential (remember, it’s NOT the coaches job to decide what someone can achieve) because they lack confidence, then any sniff that you don’t think they can do something might be all the encouragement they need to give up without a fight.

In this situation, ask yourself these 3 questions…

  1. Is part of the reason they’re not performing because I make them FEEL they’re not up to it?
  2. If so, what do I say or do that gives the game away? (body language – especially very subtle facial expressions – and awareness of the exact words you use are crucial here)
  3. To make sure I positively impact on what they achieve, how can I use the interactions we have to CONSISTENTLY show them I do believe in their potential?

There are no guarantees this will always work (for some the impact of the experiences that have led them to limit their own potential are too powerful to be easily overcome).  But at least what you do as a coach won’t be the thing that is holding them back!!

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