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Take 2 minutes to help young people understand where talent really comes from


What is talent?

All too often young people drop out of sport at an early age because other kids are better than them at the moment and they convince themselves they are not very good. They don’t always understand that getting good at anything takes time and effort and everyone develops at different rates. So how do you communicate this important message to young people in a user friendly way?

Cue the Understanding Talent video which Tony was instrumental in developing when working as Head of Talent for sportscotland. This fantastic 2-minute video shows how a complex area like talent can not only be made entertaining, but can also use scientific evidence in a simple way to help young athletes and the parents and coaches who support them, to gain a better understanding of where talent really comes from.

The feedback we continue to receive from sporting governing bodies, coaches, athletes and parents has been extremely positive with requests to use the video coming from all over the world.

At Stanger Pro we specialise in showing you how to create an evidence based approach to talent and how to ensure this message is communicated effectively to those who impact on the long-term development of the people you work with – be that in sport, business or education.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Stanger Pro can help you maximise the potential of your individuals and teams please contact us.

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This film was developed by sportscotland to help young athletes understand what 'talent' is and how you can get good at sport - it's more of a choice than you might think. For more information about talent, visit our website -

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