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Do you work in a ‘despite the system’ organisation?

What would happen if an organisation provided no training to their staff? None. Zero. Would it be a disaster waiting to happen, or do you think when left to their own devices, people could find a way to learn the skills they need anyway?

The reason I ask is that it’s a well-established approach in education, sport and business to commit time and money to create people development systems. But in doing this we also need to ask, are they any good? Are the people in your organisation successful BECAUSE OF your people development system or are they successful DESPITE it?

The answer to this question could save a lot of time and money but it’s not an easy one to answer. But I know you like a challenge so here’s an approach to help you…

Take time to understand what someone would need to do to be successful DESPITE the people development system in your organisation (trust me, this happens all the time!). This is important because it will highlight the responsibility of each individual in the development process and the real ‘non-negotiable’ support (and opportunities) the organisation MUST provide (the good news is, this is always less than you think!!). This will identify the building blocks of a ‘BECAUSE OF’ people development system. Then all you have to do is go build.

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