Executive Coaching

Are you interested in working with a coach to help you drive performance?

Fantastic! The trick is now to find a coach that works for you. We don’t approach Executive Coaching in the traditional way so let me explain how we can help.

If coaching is important for you, it’s also important for those you work with. We believe there can’t be many aspects of great leadership that are more important than the ability to bring the best out of others. So… when you work with us, we will focus on 2 things…

  1. Coaching you to maximise business opportunities and overcome challenges
  2. Helping YOU become an effective coach to bring the best from individuals and teams

Our approach is based on coaching in elite sport (only the best bits, some is actually really poor!!), understanding the science behind what good coaching looks like and time spent at the Scottish Institute of Sport understanding potential and how to create environments DESIGNED to help individuals and teams maximise their potential.

How do we use what we know in practice?

How, when and where we run sessions is based on what works best for you
We help you understanding the impact of you on performance and the strengths and weakness of the environment you work in
Help you understand the building block of effective coaching, how to use them and how to more accurately assess the potential of your people
With not enough hours in the day, we help you focus on and measure improvements in the areas that make the biggest difference to performance
The science shows us coaching is most effective little and often. We use text and email (sparingly!!) to support you between sessions to maximise impact

What we do works and if you like the sound of it, what we need to do next is to arrange a call to make sure we’re on the same wavelength. Contact Tony on 07834 312051 or click here to set up a meeting. Looking forward to discussions!

And what we do works…

"Tony has provided a pivotal role in us developing our Coaching capability. Stanger Pro's bespoke approach has cemented coaching as a key attribute for Martin Currie's Leaders & Senior management".

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