Executive Coaching

Are you interested in working with an external coach to help you work through your daily challenges and drive business performance?

And why wouldn’t you! The trick now is to find a coach that works for you. Why us? We don’t approach Executive Coaching in the traditional way to give us the flexibility to draw more widely on a number of areas to ensure what we do works for YOU.

Our approach is based on coaching in elite sport (only the best bits, some is actually really poor!!), how to better understand people – their motives and behaviours and the impact of human nature – and time spent at the Scottish Institute of Sport focused on how to create environments DESIGNED to support individuals and teams to maximise their potential. After all, if coaching is important for you, it’s also important for those you work with.

But most importantly, we will help you work out how to get the most from your role and achieve the balance between life and work (not work and life!) you’re looking for.

What does this look like in practice?

How, when and where we run sessions is based on what works for you
Everything we do is based on understanding how to support you to be effective in your unique working environment
We help you better understand you and how you can work in ways that bring the best out of anyone in your team
With not enough hours in the day, we help you get the balance right and focus on and measure improvements in the areas that make the biggest difference to performance
The science shows us coaching is most effective little and often. We use text and email (sparingly!!) to support you between sessions to maximise impact

What we do works and if you like the sound of it, what we need to do next is to arrange a call to make sure we’re on the same wavelength. Contact Tony on 07834 312051 or click here to set up a meeting. Looking forward to discussions!

And what we do works…

Our success is built on strong relationships with our clients while creating a bespoke approach to meet their needs. We know our clients are very happy to share their stories of the impact we've made, so please get in touch and we will connect you.