Coaching content and the importance of taking time to not think about development…

As you read this I’ll be a few days into a 3-week holiday which is a decent chunk of time (the life span of a housefly apparently!) to be away from work.

Although much will be different to normal weeks I’m keen to use the experience to continue to…

  1. Understand more about the effectiveness of the processes I use to learn new things
  2. Find ways to generate content to wash through these learning processes to get better in areas that are important to me

Where does this content usually come from? For me it’s almost always very deliberate and finding out more (mostly through reading) about a specific area. But what I also know to be important is to sometimes be a bit less deliberate (ideally in a new environment) and almost force myself to not think about specific content to see what randomly pops up.

It seems like a 3-week holiday will be a great opportunity to not think and I’m going to mix up what I read and who I talk to and see what happens. If this works then the challenge is to adapt this approach to create another source of useful content that I can use more regularly.

I’ll let you know how I get on!

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