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More on feedback..

Often helping someone improve the effectiveness of their coaching requires them to change how they think. For me this is never more relevant than in how they approach feedback. For…Read More

How much of where you perform impacts on how you perform?

Warning! This post has a lot more questions than answers so only read on if you’re looking for something to think about for a while! I watched a TV show…Read More

Some thoughts on coaching people who are feeling anxious..

If you’re a frequent train traveller you’ll know that on the information board on the platform they let you know if the train you want has departed the previous station…Read More

Relationship building and is it time for a bit of self-coaching?

I’m not long back from a relaxing holiday where I took the chance to read about less specific topics than coaching to see what ideas came up. In terms of…Read More

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    Our success is built on strong relationships with our clients while creating a bespoke approach to meet their needs. We know our clients are very happy to share their stories of the impact we've made, so please get in touch and we will connect you.

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