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Some thoughts on building quality relationships…

If building quality relationships is on your priority list for 2023 then here’s something that might be useful (stimulated by a book called Conversations on Love by Natasha Lunn). The…Read More

What’s the hot topic in coaching right now?

I’m not sure who decides what becomes a hot topic but here are my thoughts in case it’s my turn! Managing the impact of our daily interactions with people around…Read More

A (hopefully!) useful question to help you be better at feedback…

Is helping someone to improve their ability to give feedback the same as helping them help the person they’re coaching to be better at receiving feedback? To put this another…Read More

87% of workers feel they are more efficient WFH… and 80% of managers disagree – so who’s right?

Apologies for the clickbait headline but a recent Microsoft survey has looked at the latest work trends and this, unfortunately, was the headline that made the news. I say unfortunately…Read More

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