Talent is a complex and emotive area which is a hot topic in organisations large and small. “How do we identify people with the potential to lead our business in future?”. “Should we create a talent programme or will this just demotivate those who miss out?”.

We are fascinated by questions like these and have spent an unhealthy amount of time understanding ability and how to create an evidence based approach to identifying and development talent that works in practice. What we know is that abilities are very task specific and snapshots of performance are limited in predicting future performance (Do you feel your uniqueness and future potential can be accurately decided by a questionnaire?). So we need an alternative.

Using what we know …

By drawing on robust science, we have created a user-friendly approach to help organisations create effective and inclusive talent programmes. In practice we …

Current talent processes
we will help you understand what you do well and help you focus precious time on what you can do to improve
Evidence based talent principles
Help you create a set of evidence based talent principles to allow you to implement change faster
Assess future potential
Show you how to use behaviours to accurately assess future potential – there won’t be a questionnaire in sight!
Workshop sessions
Deliver workshop sessions to high potential staff to ensure they focus effort in key areas
Sustainable approach
We mentor talent staff to further develop their practical understanding of talent and coaching
People development
Show you how to support staff with long-term potential within an inclusive approach to people development
Daily Development
Save you money by making development a daily habit
Good Coaching
Help you understand what good coaching ‘looks like’ in your organisation and how to develop the day-to-day coaching skills across your organisation

Getting this right is important and we offer a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss what you are thinking and to share learning. If this is of interest, please get in touch.

A user friendly approach to help organisations create effective and inclusive talent programmes

And what we do works…

"Tony has provided a pivotal role in us developing our Coaching capability. Stanger Pro's bespoke approach has cemented coaching as a key attribute for Martin Currie's Leaders & Senior management".

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