Understanding Potential

In any organisation, having the SKILLS to better understand the potential of your people is the key to long-term success.

We work with organisations in sport and business and draw on robust science to create a user-friendly approach to help people develop the SKILLS they need to accurately assess potential.

Why are these SKILLS important?  Because they will help you……

Recruit the right people
More accurately recruit the 'right' people to help grow your business
Succession plan
Make better decision around promotion and succession planning
Promote the right people
Identify those most likely to develop new skills - particularly the ability to effectively manage and lead others
Save time and money
Use simple development processes to make the best use of precious time
Be flexible and adaptable
Work effectively within the confines of ANY people management system!!

What does this look like in practice?

Little and often is key.  We work with groups of 3-5 staff from across your business on a monthly basis over a period of 6-8 months.  Our sustainable approach will help them not only understand more about what to look for in assessing potential.  We will also develop their ‘everyday’ coaching skills to ensure they provide the support needed to get the most out of everyone.

What we do works and we’re always happy to meet over coffee to share what we’ve learned. Contact Tony on 07834 312051 or contact us here to set up a meeting.

And what we do works…

"Tony has provided a pivotal role in us developing our Coaching capability. Stanger Pro's bespoke approach has cemented coaching as a key attribute for Martin Currie's Leaders & Senior management".

Martin Currie Investment Management Limited