Talent Systems

The problem with trying to identify and develop talent in sport is that it’s really confusing! There are so many stories of superstar juniors who never made it and other stories of athletes who didn’t stand out when they were young but go on to have amazing careers.

The future depends on what you do in the present (or don’t do!!)

It really does. We are in a unique position to share learning from the practical application of robust science and work closely with Governing Bodies and Clubs to ensure the skills and behaviours that are crucial to long-term success are developed across the pathway. We review what you do well and look for opportunities to do things better as we help you to …

Develop talent principles
Creating a consistent approach to athlete development across your talent system from clubs and schools to your national squad is crucial to success but isn’t easy to do. We will show you how to develop an evidence based set of talent principles to help get everyone, ‘on the same page’.
Create robust selection criteria
If current performance is not good at predicting future potential, what criteria can you use to select the athletes you work with? We will show you how.
Influence coaching habits
We help coaches to better understand the talent development process and the key coaching ‘habits’ they need to develop to bring the best from their athletes.
Effectively profile athletes
Athletes need to focus their effort in areas that make the biggest difference. We will show you how to identify key areas for each athlete and how to use profiling for athletes of any age.
Maximise the impact of parents
We will show you how to help parents understand their crucial role in supporting the learning of their child.
Effectively profile coaches
Coaches don’t always spend enough time on their own development. Find out how you can use profiling to help even the most time-challenged coach to improve their skills.
Grow your talent pool
Attracting and retaining athletes is crucial to any sport. We will show you how to approach the process of growing your talent pool to give you the best chance of success.
Measure the quality of your environment
Being able to measure everything you do helps you understand where you can improve. We will show you how to create an easy to use approach to do this effectively.

Here’s a great 2 minute video we created at the Scottish Institute of Sport to help young athletes focus their efforts on the areas that make the biggest difference to future success.

And what we do works…

“Working with Stanger Pro has been hugely beneficial in the development of our talent system from grassroots to international level all underpinned by an evidence based principles. In a short period of time we've been able to make significant progress putting in place a foundation for further development. “ Kevin Pringle, Chief Executive

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