Parents Workshops

"Parents are often a better predictor for how their children might grow their potential than the children are themselves. Behind most top performers you’ll find encouraging, stimulating and demanding parents" - The Gold Mine Effect, Ankersen. 2012

But what do, “… encouraging, stimulating and demanding” parents actually do? Working with Governing Bodies and sports clubs, we run workshops for parents to help them better understand their crucial role in developing successful young athletes. They are NOT their coach! But they do have a crucial role in supporting their learning as they go through the ups and downs sport throws at them.

Effective parents are crucial to sporting success and if you want to learn more about how we can support the parents in your sport, please get in touch.

And what we do works…

"The talk was great! I particularly valued Tony's ability to talk from the perspective of a parent as well as an 'expert'. His concrete examples of the kind of conversations that encourage learning from experience, be it in training or comps were very insightful!"

Swim Parent

Red Dot Parenting

Based on robust science yet easy to read, this book is full of tips and ideas parents can put into practice straight away to build on the things they already do well. The evidence tells us parents are crucial in children achieving their goals in sport, this book explains what they can do to help.

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